This is me

Tanya Williams

Ah, the “About Me” section. I have a hard time with these things. Maybe because it’s tough thinking up things to share about myself.

Actually…that’s not true.

It must be that I can’t figure out how to keep it short. Where do I start? Where does it end? What do you actually CARE to know about me?

Well…I like to curl my hair, I love the rain, it bothers me when people chew gum, and I enjoy recognizing the art in everything. Ah yes, that’s probably the answer you’re looking for.

I love my job, mostly because I feel creative at almost every moment in the day (I take a few hours off to sleep). I see design in everything. I pick out what plate I want to use depending on what color it is. I only buy soap that comes in cute packaging and then convince other people THEY should only buy soap in cute packaging. I’m passionately passionate about art and design and I love finding it everywhere! No matter where I go or what I’m doing, I am constantly inspired and thinking up the next thing I want to create. I know this isn’t a unique trait and a lot of people are tormented by the adorable elephant pattern on those napkins they saw at the kitchen store too, BUT it’s something that so very defines me.

So because I love what I do and I do what I love, I want to share it with you. And…hopefully find some clients, not gonna lie.

Also, because I am so inspired by everything around me, I hope this inspires YOU to be creative today.